Woven Nook Decorative Throw Pillow Covers, 100% Cotton Canvas, Zola Set, Pack of 4 (18x18 Inches)

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Decorative pillows are an easy way to accent a bedroom or living room, but trendy designer covers for throw pillows can be expensive. At Woven Nook, we were tired of spending a fortune on cute pillows for our home, so we decided to solve the problem ourselves by making affordable pillow covers. Our high-end covers can be used with your existing pillows, or you can purchase new inserts of your choice. This set does not include pillow inserts. Mudcloth patterns, triangle designs, and simple dots and lines give the covers a chic designer aesthetic. They make fashionable accent pieces that complement boho, contemporary, minimalist, eclectic, or modern design styles. Place them on a couch, chair, or bed to easily upgrade the look of any room in your home. The sleek, hidden zipper closure on our decorative pillow covers makes it easy to insert a pillow securely into the cover. This set includes 4 square pillow covers with black-and-cream mudcloth-patterned and simple geometric designs made of woven, durable linen. These 100% cotton canvas cases are machine washable in cold water with a mild detergent. Lay flat to dry. We highly recommend washing before first use to ensure the prints do not bleed or smudge. Woven Nook pillow covers are designed with the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy a beautifully styled room without breaking the bank. Buy from a real, top-notch brand you can trust with founders who value their customers and aim to provide the highest-quality products at a price you can afford. Purchase this set of Woven Nook Decorative Throw Pillow Covers for your home today!