TOYOUN Stretch Sofa Cover 1 Piece Couch Cover Sofa Slipcover for 3 Cushion Couch Geometric Printed Form Fit Furniture Protector for Living Room Pets L Sectional Sofa Covers Corner Sofa Slipcover White

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Color: Geometric Triangle  |  Size: sofa - 3 seater

Plagued by cleaning children's marks, food crumbs and pet's hair? Fancy a new look for your room?

Toyoun's stretch geometric printed sofa cover is the perfect economic solution for your problems.
✴Complements most decorating style, especially suitable for contemporary style, Nordic style, scandinavia style
✴Accommodates a Variety of Shapes
✴Shields and protects your furniture from spills, stains, wear and tear. It's great for homes with messy children and pets
✴Quality fabric: wrinkle-free, colorfast, durable, machine washable
✴Dimension:Universal fit 99% home sofa size between:
- 1 seat: Chair length between 35" - 55" (90 -140 cm)
- 2 seat : Loveseat length between 57" - 73" (145 -185 cm)
- 3 seat : Sofa length between 76" - 90" (195 - 230 cm)
- 4 seat : Big Sofa length between 92" - 118" (235-300 cm)

1. Pillow covers are not included in the package.
2. If your sofa is L shape or corner sofa combined by 2 parts separately,you need to order 2pcs sofa cover for it. The size of the cover will depend on the length of AA, BB and CC lines.
For example: If AA=200 cm, BB=160 cm, then you should go for 1 PC three-seater sofa cover and 1 PC two-seater sofa cover.
3. Please measure the size before purchasing.( measure from outside arms to outside arms. When you are not sure, go with the larger size. It's always better to have extra fabric so you can tuck extra deep.)
4.Due to light and computer screen resolution, the color may slightly vary from the actual item
5.Due to the different size of the sofa gap, the foam cylinder may not work well when the gap is too big. If so, please put waste clothes or towels into the gap and make it perfect fit
One year warranty
Your purchase gives you more than reliable couch covers. You also get incredible customer service and the promise of hassle free refund or a replacement for any quality issues that may arise.