Grand Linen Queen Size Grey Quatrefoil Moroccan Lattice Pillow Cases 1500 Series High Thread Count Egyptian Quality 2 Piece Set, Silky Soft & Wrinkle Free

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Size: Queen  |  Color: Grey Quatrefoil

Microfiber is Colorfast-One plus for microfiber fabric is its ability to hold color well. Stain Resistant-People with children and those looking for sturdy Pillow Cases for a bedroom, children's room or RV may especially like microfiber fabric for its durability and stain resistance. The material is so tightly woven — with fibers thinner than a human hair that it naturally repels water and stains. Even highly staining substances like coffee can usually be wiped away without a trace if they are caught right away. Get a classy and comfortable finish every time you make up your bed with these microfiber Pillow Cases. this soft fabric resist wrinkling and fading and come in various colors and textures to suit your decorative needs. The Pillow Cases have deep pockets that will fit most Mattresses. Carve out a small oasis in your bedroom where life is pleasing to your senses. Start with these exquisite Pillow Cases. Experience the extremely fine threads and their incredible gentleness against your skin. You may not be able to spend more time in your bed, but now every moment lying down in bed will bring oodles of soft comfort.